Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Ultimate Percy Jackson Books

I think that my favorite book ever is the Last  Olympian. I have read the son of Neptune, and If you haven't DON'T READ THIS!!!! IT IS A SPOILER!!!! IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE SON OF NEPTUNE YOU SHOULD NOT BE READING THIS!!!!!!
So I had a problem with the ending. I hated how they didn't even tell how he met Annabeth and Leo, and Piper, and Jason. I also am confused about Hazel and her connection with Leo. Remember that Leo's dad is Hephaestus, So chances of her dating his dad are slim. Gaea also said that Sammy died, meaning that she couldn't of dated Hephaestus. I'm really confused about the prophecy.
7 half bloods shall awnser the call
To storm or fire the world must fall
An oath to keep with a final breath
And foes bear arms to the doors of death
Like it said 7 half bloods. Well we already have 6. There's is 5 books in the series. So the last 2 books could be about them finishing the prophecy or will they add on more. But Rick Riordan likes throwing us curve balls. Like in The Last Olympian, Luke was the hero, Not Percy. The cursed blade was Annabeth's dagger, because Luke broke his promise. It wasn't Kronos's scythe. I think that Rick Riordan has put a double meaning in this prophecy, and thrown us a curve ball, that will leave us guessing, wanting the next book. I think that Rick has learned the more he keeps us in suspense And the more we will wait and wait for the next book. I don't like waiting but I know that it's hard so I'll wait.

Anyway, I'll post more later. See ya,
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  1. I think it was cool that Rick didn't tell us how they met, as he said:
    "In the meantime, sorry about the cliffhanger in The Son of Neptune . . . wait, no I’m not! I always do cliffhangers. I’m just evil that way. But rest assured, there was a reason I had to end the book there. "

    The whole Sammy/Leo/Hazel thing. That confused me also, but I'm kinda guessing that Sammy is Leo's grandfather on his mom's side. Seeing as Leo never had a real dad, he kept his mom's last name, so that could work. But as you said, Rick likes to throw curve balls. So you never know.

    The seven half-bloods:
    Jason, Leo, Piper, Percy, Hazel, Frank, Annabeth.

    "The Mark of Athena" and Hera/Juno's statement about "The one of your friend's who hates me most will cause the most problem on the quest" kinda gave away that the last one was Annabeth.

    Can't wait for October 2012!