Saturday, October 6, 2012

Several Things! (Most of them good. :) )

Hey guys! I guess I'm back, because I can't keep a promise to save my life. Anyway, I decided that since I used to have so much fun writing this blog, I'm not going to stop. SO...Mark of Athena.
The Mark of Athena was a more serious HoO book, but it really worked, since the dynamics in this book were so strong. The series and the characters are maturing, which is really nice, even though Percy is still a seaweed brain.  The romance in this book is really prominent. Jasper is going places. Percabeth has soared to new heights, (Like making me cry at the end of the book heights) and Frank and Hazel are at the awkward stage of their relationship. To make things better, there are Hazel/Leo sparks for a while, which causes Frank to hate Leo, and the Sammy/Leo problem is resolved. So to start off, the main characters, (Coach Hedge, Piper, Annabeth, Leo and Jason) are all headed to Camp Jupiter with absolutley no idea what's awaiting them. After meeting Terminus, they are welcomed into the Roman camp by everbody but Octivian. That's how the book starts. If you haven't read it yet, I won't spoil it for you.
So. Tarturus. That scary place down in the underworld where monsters go? Yeah...well Percy and Annabeth are trapped down there. And Nico has been down there. And barley got out with his sanity. So yeah...most of you might say their done for. But once again, Rick leaves us with a cliffie that has us sitting on the edge of our seats, and then cussing him out. I think Rick will get them out in the next book, but I might be wrong. I'm interested to see how the whole Nico being a quest leader thing turns out.
Besides that, Rome is marching towards Camp Half-blood, ready to kill everything in sight. Yeah, Rick didn't leave us with a happy ending did he?
This was a cool book by my standards. You get to see how Luke and Thalia met Annabeth, and all about the 'cursed blade'. You get to read about Buford, the magic table, and my favorite piece of machinery ever. It's just a plain cool book to have in your HoO or PJO library.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This Blog is ending. It will remain up, but it is ending. I'll check it every once in a while, but not really update. I'm getting nothing for this, I cant even get you guys to comment. Look at it, check it out, but really, I'm serious, no more Ultimate Percy Jackson Fansite.
I'll see you all,

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kane Chronicles Reveiw

I AM BACK!!!!! How are you Rockelle?  "Oh just fine thank you. How are you?" "Better than ever Rockelle."
I like talking to myself.
Yeah, I'm weird, get use to it.
Don't worry this is perfectly normal.

So yeah, sorry for the slow update. I am a girl of many things to do, and many hobbys. So yeah...anyway.
Now, after that's out of my system...I write!

I have been reading the Kane Chronicles. (Again by the way.) And here, is my reveiw.

Sadie and Carter are the main characters of this book. Rotating between them, they tell the story the way they see it. (Alot like the Son of Neptune or The Lost Hero) When Sadie and Carter see their dad blow up, well, it's surprising to say the least. When the police deport them out of England, they have to stay with their Uncle Amos, who to say the least, is weird.

He has a pet baboon.
He has an albino crocodile.
He live in a mansion, which is on top of an Abandon warehouse. And he talks about gods, and apperantly Manhattan is off limits.

So what's up with the freaky Amos guy?
Well he's a Kane. And that's the root of his problems.

Sadie is Carter's sister. She's a mostly free, and slightly rebellious spirit.

Her dad left her with her Gran and Gramps when she was 6. Now she's staying with an uncle she's only met once, and for the millionth time, her dad is the root of her problems.

Carter Kane has barley known his sister Sadie. Traveling with his dad, he takes after his dad's looks too, and Sadie resnets him for it.

So the main characters are on the table. But things are about to get a whole lot more interesting...

So who's the (incredibly) cute boy?
Well, meet Anubis.
He basicly lives to complicate Sadies life.
And Sadie hates him for it.

So who's the (Less) cute boy?
Well, meet another person who lives to make Sadies life complicated.
Meet Walt.

Meet Carter's slightly less complicating aquitance.
Meet Zia...
Why do you always have to save the girl?

We can't leave out Muffin...

Aka Bast...

:) ;) Not giving too much away...

Oh gods, I love those people who make everything soooo complicated...

All and all a good book. Just don't go in expecting everything Percy Jackson was.
It's just as good as PJO but not exactly what PJO was.