Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Sammy/Leo theory! Do not read if you have not read the son of neptune.

Okay. Before I post what I've found out for Mark of Athena, I want to say something about the Sammy, Leo thing. Now, Sammy died right? Chances are he went to eslium, right? He could of chosen to be born into another life. That could mean that Leo IS Sammy, he just doesn't remember any of his previous life. As far as I remember, Leo is Mexican-American, and Sammy is Mexican-American. Sorry, don't have the books with me can't check up on that. I think this is what Rick is going for. It's not a very long shot. Like the Son of Neptune said... *Goes to get her books* *Searches for page* "That's right," Gaea purred. "You were destined to marry Sammy. Do you know what happened to him after you died in Alaska? He grew up and moved to Texas. He married and had a family. But he never forgot you. He always wondered why you disappeared. He's dead now--a heart attack in the nineteen-sixties." So we know Sammy died. I think I'm right, but there's only one way to find out and that's...wait. Uggh. I think my head is gonna explode from all this waiting.

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