Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hello! I want to give you another site! Here is a site! DO NOT GO TO THIS SITE IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE SON OF NEPTUNE!

Now... Sorry I haven't written for a while. I have run out of things to write about. But...HERE I AM!!!! And I have something to write about. Now... DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT READ SON OF NEPTUNE. SORRY I WRITE ALOT ABOUT THAT BOOK, BUT READ IT IF YOU WANT TO READ THIS BLOG. Now. I am going to talk about Nico in the Son of Neptune. I REALLY like Nico. And He has proved himself as a kinda both ways kind of person. In the Last Olympian, He was against Kronos, but betrayed Percy to his dad, Hades. He has shown reason for Percy to trust him, and reason for Percy not to. Now, in the Son of Neptune, He pretended not to know Percy, and in the Lost Hero he was looking for Percy. As far as it tells, it doesn't seem like Nico told where Percy was or anything like that. I really like Nico, like I said, but that might of made him a little untrustworthy. Again. He also never mentioned Camp Jupiter to Annabeth or anyone else at Camp Half Blood. And he never mentioned Camp Half Blood to anyone at Camp Jupiter. It seems like he almost WANTED to keep the 2 camps apart.         

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