Thursday, October 20, 2011

Books (Again)

I am going over the Percy Jackson books again. I'm reading them out of order. (Sorry) I'm reading Son of Neptune, Lost Hero, and the Last Olympian. If you haven't read those do not read this. It is, a Spoiler.
So, The Last Olympian, One of my personal favorites. Sorry but your going to have to listen to the things that I like and don't like. I thought Rick Riordans twist ending was cool. It was something that I hadn't planned on, which I liked. I thought it was cool how Luke was the hero in the end, and the cursed blade was Annabeth's knife. I also liked how Rick Riordan saved Annabeth and Percy realizing they like each other for last. I like how they saved what would turn around the whole war for last. He could of started so that they had the upper hand, But he put the twist of the war for last, like Poseiden comeing to their aid, and Hades. I liked how Athena seems mad at Percy for liking Annabeth. I think she's been through just a little bit more than dating Percy. I like how in the end every thing worked out in between Annabeth and Rachel. I think that it was cool that they even brought back some of the old monsters like the Minoutar. Kinda wish that Medusa had been there. She probably would of turned all or Kronos's army to stone as well as Percy's.
Son of Neptune. I already covered a few things, like the phrophecy, Hazel and Leo, and the ending. I'm hoping that I'm right that Rick is going to throw us a curve ball. I've tried working it out, but so far that's not working.
7 half bloods shall awnser the call?
The Lost Hero
I think that they went over Hephatus a little bit more in depth. Which I thought was cool. All in all it was a great book and I'm glad that they made Jason Thalia's brother. YOUR BOOKS ROCK RICK!!!

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