DemiGod Diarys!

Welcome to the demigod diary's.

Hey diary. This is my first entry, so I'll describe myself. My name is Jaci, and I have sandy brown hair. I like keeping it short, so that way it doesn't get in my way. I fight with a sword, named Ajax, meaning Strong Warrior. I don't like carrying a shield. I wear armor, when in a fight. I wear combat boots most of the time, and my Camp Half blood tee, with a pair of jeans. I am the daughter of Zeus, I've been at Camp Half blood since I was 9 yrs. old. I'm fifteen now. Storms always calm me down, figures since I'm the daughter of Zeus. I don't think I would of lived this long without Camp. I live at camp year round. I've got the whole cabin to myself, which is really really annoying, because the big Zeus statue seems to stare at me. Wish they moved the bed out of the statue's line of sight. Any how, last night was embarrassing. I'm always on the red team in capture the flag. (Sometimes I wonder why because I REALLY hate the Ares cabin.) Anyway, the Athena cabin had this plan to lure me away from the flag, while they got our flag. I fell for it. I kept seeing these silver glimpses in the bushes. I walked over there and they grabbed me, took me prisoner and the blue team got our flag. The red team was SO mad at me. Yeah, we lost, but most of the time they have several people helping me watch the flag. But the Ares cabin INSISTED that we couldn't spare ANY more people than 1 to help guard the flag. I could of stayed, and got ambushed and then they got the flag, of I could of went out and they still would of got the flag. So anyhow, it's lights out, and the furies are getting mad. By the way, the Zeus statue is beginning to freak me out. So anyway,

 Hey world and all the people that inhabit it! Son of Poseidon speaking! We won the capture the flag last night! It was all thanks to my awesome distracting skills. I was sneaking through the bushes, and I kept falashing my shield in the sunlight. Jaci turned around and saw my shield. She ran through the bushes toward me, and then I whipped around and grabbed her. "Adrian! You! Let me go!" She kept fighting and struggling and it was really hard trying to keep her caught. And then the call came from Colin from the Athena cabin. "We won!" I could of sworn that Jaci was going to kill me. Well it's not my fault that the Athena cabin ALWAYS has a plan. Around the campfire tonight, Stacy, got a quest. She's from the Apollo cabin. She's bringing, Alyssa, (Hades cabin,) Nichole, (Athena Cabin,) and Gale, (Her half brother, meaning Apollo cabin.) Why am I writing about this? Well, I feel cheated. I think she's playing favorites. Gale, her brother? Nichole, and Alyssa? Those are all her best friends. And 4 people instead of 3? That's just cheating. Well I'm gonna get to bed before I get anymore mad. Good night and Good riddance,

Alyssa speaking. I'm not going into the details of the capture the flag game tonight. I'm tired, and I'm going to go on a quest tomorrow morning. Our oracle, Angela, gave the prophecy,
Beware, the one you call friend.
They shall betray you in the end.
You will find the thing you need most.
And you shall meet new ghosts.

Well, I have problems with that. The oracle said that we would find what we need most. So we'll find the golden apples. The one I call friend? Well there's Stacy, Gale, and Nichole. Who will betray me? And new ghosts? They don't normally scare me, (Daughter of Hades and all.) But still, I don't want any new ghosts. Well goodnight.

Hey diary. We're headed on our quest this morning. I'm SO nervous! This is the first time I'm ACTUALLY going on a real quest. And the first time I'm actually going in the real world! I've only been at camp for 2 years, so I was surprised I was allowed to tag along. There was plenty of WAY more experienced kids than me, raring to go, so I was surprised that a 17 year old Apollo cabin kid was going to let a 12 year old little half brother tag along. I arrived when I was ten years old. I am so excited and nervous and everything! Oh Chiron is calling me and Stacy up to the Big House. I'll write later! (If I don't get blasted to bits.) Gale

(This is me, Sarah. Hey tell me if you'd like to see several of the old characters, like Nico, Percy, Annabeth Leo, Piper, some of those people. I can also make a separate page for the Roman demigods if you want me to bring them in! Comment and tell me! )

Nichole! I am SOOOO tired. All we have found today is monsters. Maybe it was partly my fault...okay mostly my fault...alright it was ALL my fault! Happy? I can't beleive I'm a child of Athena! Annabeth is always so wise and everything! What about me? Well today I called camp. We couldn't get an Iris Message through, for no apperent reason. And so I called camp. We all agreed on it...but I should of been against it. I'm so stupid! We had at least 5 monsters. So yeah, I'm mad at myself. UGH!