Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kane Chronicles and Help and Update

I am running out of inspiration to write. If you like this blog, and I know you do, don't lie, I have ways of finding out, comment, rate, and/or follow. It's not THAT much work! A lot less work than the work it takes to keep this website updated. So please, inspire me. Comment and yell at me if I'm not posting! I need help! Now. This is sorta PJO related. Sorta. Hey I didn't say all the way, so pleaseeee don't be mad at me. How much do you like the Kane Chronicles? Ahhhh! Okayyyyyy, nobody slapped me...ow! That's just rude! Get outta here! Now, I can't say I lke it as much as PJO, but it's all right. The ONLY reason I started reading it was because of my best friend in the world, who does not read this site, (what's up with that?), gave it to me to read. I read it, and since I LOVE Rick Riordan, and the way he writes, I liked it. Owwwwwww! What's up with the slapping today? Geesh. Now because I am nice I won't throw you out or slap you back, but if I get slapped one more time, I am going to stop writing about the Kane Chronicles and why-ow! That is it! Now adding time! I am adding polls twice a month, and a comment reminder once a month. So knock yourselves out, and whoever slapped me, I mean it literally. Vote! Laterz. ---If your reading this, you can read.

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